Erdogan in a speech to the Turkish parliament on Khashoggi

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that amid the visit of Jamal Khashoggi to the Saudi department in Istanbul, it was uncovered that the group was killed, affirming that 15 individuals from the Saudi insight and specialists came to Turkey to complete the activity. 

Amid a discourse in the Turkish parliament, Khashoggi visited the Saudi office on September 28, after which Saudi authorities headed out to Riyadh and orchestrated the wrongdoing. On October 1, a group from Saudi Arabia came to do the task, while another group went to the woods Belgrade in Istanbul and directed an examination there, while another group moved to a Turkish inn, every one of whom met at the department. 

He clarified that he had been deprived of the inner cameras, and afterward reached Khashoggi to go to the department, and before that was in London, and moved to Turkey, was the death, bringing up that the life partner of Khashoggi, detailed the vanishing of Jamal through the Turkish specialists, He didn't leave the office. 

"I have displayed to Saudi King Salman receptacle Abdul Aziz some proof and I revealed to him it is important to frame a joint commission of request, while the lord affirmed the capture of 18 individuals, requiring the arraignment of every one of those engaged with the death of Khashoggi. 

The Turkish president solicited, where is the collection of Khashoggi? They said "any Saudis", they gave Khashoggi's body to a neighborhood partner, where is this teammate? We should know the destiny of the body. 

The Turkish emissary brought up that the Saudi diplomat did not enable Turkish troops to enter the Saudi department in Istanbul, yet enabled Reuters to envision the office from inside. He said that the Saudi delegate did not coordinate in revealing the conditions but rather was associated with the task. From the post of delegate.

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