Hamas has issued a statement on the withdrawal of South Africa's ambassador in Tel Aviv

Hamas on Tuesday blocked South Africa's decision to withdraw its ambassador from Tel Aviv and turn the embassy into a liaison office only.

She thanked Hamas in a press statement reached "Sawa" South Africa, "this advanced step; which will have a significant impact on the pressure on the Israeli occupation to retreat from its policies and actions of aggression and racism."

The statement reads as follows:

We have followed in the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) with great interest and high appreciation, the press conference held by the South African Foreign Minister, in which she announced the reduction of the relationship with the Israeli occupation and the withdrawal of the Ambassador of the State of South Africa from Tel Aviv and the transfer of the Embassy to a liaison office only.

As we express our gratitude and great gratitude to the South African State for this advanced step, which will have a profound impact on pressuring the Israeli occupation to retreat from its aggressive and racist policies and actions and to accept the demands of our people for freedom and independence, we look forward to further steps in this direction. Full boycott with the racist entity.

This step carries a lot of political meanings, both symbolic and the South African nation and its people as an icon in the resistance against the apartheid regime, which intersects largely with the fascist racist occupation in Palestine or at the political level which means the isolation of the occupation and its ostracism from the states And peoples who believe in the values ​​of freedom and justice, we call on countries around the world to take similar steps to boycott and isolate this occupation, until our people achieve their dream of freedom and independence.

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