Young men from Gaza are firing plates from Gaza to Cyprus against cancer

All individuals might be liable to an unexpected attack from disease, yet some surrender to it without opposition, while others oppose and proceed with their lives, and win. 

Aya Abdel Rahman (30 years of age), from Gaza, was one of the casualties of the "harmful" ailment around 10 years back, yet she didn't surrender to him. 

Abdulrahman carried on a solid battle with the infection, which needs colossal vitality to suffer, and proceeded with her imaginative work even on the bed of ailment. 

As indicated by authority figures, the quantity of ladies with malignancy in Gaza is 4705 ladies, representing 55.3% all things considered. 

A voyage of harsh treatment that the plastic craftsman has encountered for 10 years is moving between medical clinics in the Gaza Strip and Israeli emergency clinics, amid which she directed eight complex activities to control the illness until she achieved an all out destruction of her body and lived one since 2015 preceding flopping as of late. 

All through this time of torment, there was a persistent section in her masterful work, overlooking that torment. 

Be that as it may, a stanza did not realize that overlooking the torment did not overlook the dangerous malady keep on infiltrating the body; started to thin her body in the shadow of the check of entryways and the Ministry of Health will not exchange for treatment abroad. 

After a long battle, the plastic craftsman figured out how to go through the Beit Hanoun/Erez checkpoint to the island of Cyprus a year prior to finish the treatment; 

Voyage of estrangement and illness 

When I landed in Cyprus, I felt extremely frightened, as she depicted the reporter of "Safa" amid an electronic discussion; after she was amazed by a peculiar society, a language she had never heard, a young lady alone. 

However, Aya rapidly wound up adjusting to reality due to the great treatment of the specialists, who she felt was in her home, she says. 

The main portion of treatment was "the hardest in her life," and she nearly went to her. She even requested her mom's landing from Gaza to Cyprus, which was what occurred. Her mom landed with her dad and her siblings. 

The family carried with her the "mysterious arrangement" that improved her psychotherapy while painting, hues and quills, and she painted all that she could consider as "her capital and expectation throughout everyday life." 

Aya quit talking and solicited the reporter from Safa to give her an opportunity to return and finish the discussion with him recorded as a hard copy. 

Hours after the fact Aya returned and called the columnist and let him know in a voice that she scarcely heard that the ailment had caused her chest loss of motion. She was currently constraining her swollen leg, that she couldn't talk, took "ammunition" four times each day and couldn't move from her bed. 

At the point when the young lady landed in Cyprus, the specialists halted her with every one of the medications she got. They disclosed to her that she didn't require kidney transplant. They began radiation and concoction treatment, however that was after the malady achieved the spine, kidneys and liver. 

The specialists changed their chemotherapy at regular intervals, something that was unwieldy and grievous for an illness. It didn't counteract loss of motion and trouble in relaxing. 

"When I move, I feel a great deal of agony, and when I draw, I overlook everything and time goes on rapidly," he stated, unfit to compose for long. 

"At whatever point I think about a work of art, I feel that I have a long life ahead, that I have an objective still alive for me, and an assignment I have not yet completed," says Aya. 

Show and gathering 

While on the bed of disease, Aya started drawing her specialist, "Ozlim," whom she cherished so much and the medicinal staff of attendants at the administration emergency clinic in Cyprus where she is accepting treatment. 

The works of art were respected by the restorative staff, and "everybody went to my space to become more acquainted with me and take pictures with me, and I was extremely upbeat," includes Aya. 

Aya has marked a draft of her excursion from Gaza to Cyprus and her fantasies as a young lady. 

Notwithstanding epitomizing the Palestinian legacy through a worker dress and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the well known Ayyubid Mosque of Sulaymaniyah was painted in Cyprus. Aphrodite, a Greek folklore, was additionally painted. 

Amid a time of treatment, the craftsman created 31 compositions displayed at a show in the medical clinic where she is being dealt with, just as works by seven different specialists. 

"The specialist was the person who urged her to hold the display, which was appreciated by everybody, including the spouse of the Cypriot president, the clergyman of wellbeing and the lawful figures who took an interest in the opening, and the general population who visited it toward the start of April," says Aya, taking her breath from the seriousness of the malady and its complexities. 

"My heart nearly halted from satisfaction and euphoria and I nearly flew out of my bed, which I ended up hostage to!" These words summed up her inclination as she watched the groups and figures vacillating around her exhibition. 

Aya partook with the assistance of her mom at the opening service and clarified the substance of the photos to the guests, yet she didn't conceal her distress, however, in light of the fact that she wished to see her companions from Gaza around her right then and there. 

"The name of Palestine has restored my heart at whatever point I hear it from guests."

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