According to statistics .. New progress in electronic commerce in Palestine

As indicated by a report by the official office, the Palestinian web based business development is seeing momentous advancement, in acknowledgment of the incredible advancement in the realm of innovation, yet it whines about its sloppiness, care and adherence to the worldwide framework .

All things considered, the volume of web based business on the planet, which is near $ 28 trillion, as indicated by the Arab monetary paper "Financial", brings up the issue of the size and state of the web based business segment in Palestine in the worldwide setting, and what is the lawful security of purchasers and who is mindful? Furthermore, numerous different inquiries identified with the degree to which internet business puts resources into the advancement of our national merchandise and items in world markets? What exactly degree does web based business give work chances to graduates and jobless in Palestine? Also, what is the job of government in this ؟

In this unique circumstance, the aftereffects of the worldwide digitization report for 2018 that the quantity of Internet clients on the planet surpassed 4 billion clients, and brought up that 3 billion clients of long range interpersonal communication destinations every day; 9 out of 10 clients utilize their cell phones to enter the informal communication website. "As per the Agency's legitimate report"

In Palestine, 2017 statistics information demonstrated that 51.7% of families have Internet access in 2017, 60.6% in the West Bank and 38.0% in the Gaza Strip .

Chief General of the Information Systems Department at the Ministry of Communications, Jamil Zagharna, revealed to WAFA that there is no finished law covering the subject of electronic business and purchaser insurance in Palestine, and that there is a need to modernize enactment and institute far reaching laws to acquaint innovation with Palestinian enactment. Is still in its early stages in the Palestinian market, and that current locales have taken worldwide encounters and tailed them, so web based business relies upon the site itself, how to manage the client and make his very own approach .

He included: "After 2005 there are needs in the laws and enactment of the law of electronic business prevailing in the execution of the law of business exchanges, as it contains three laws in a single law, the best sorts of laws, we considered the encounters of outside nations through workshops, and we turned out that electronic treatment and electronic mark It must be marked as the other authority exchanges in banks, and should be enlisted with the Electronic Certification Authority (a unit in charge of setting up, arranging and dealing with the electronic mark.

Zagharneh said that the law incorporated the definition and formal acknowledgment of electronic exchanges. At first, the bureau affirmed the trade by email as an official correspondent, however it's anything but a methods for being perceived by the court. The electronic installment technique was executed in participation with the Monetary, Finance and Justice Authority. The national e-installment technique was finished and an ecclesiastical advisory group was set up to investigation the usage of electronic installment .

As indicated by Zagharna, the web based business law ought to be autonomous and not subordinate to a specific service. The skilled experts ought to build up an uncommon law for electronic trade. The online business law manages the connection between the merchant and the purchaser inside specific rights that set certain specialized details to be leveled out. A law that acquaints you with the worldwide electronic exchanging framework

Online business Political Recognition Important :

"When we sort out crafted by online business in the worldwide framework, we have full insights to know the span of Palestinian web based business. The Palestinian post is profiting through clearing and postal levies. It is likewise a vital political acknowledgment.

He brought up that there are two kinds of Palestinian e-showcasing that can be controlled, for example, the official locales (Shaw Badak from Palestine, for instance), and different sorts of long range interpersonal communication pages, which can not know the fake pages of others.

Zagarna focused on the requirement for electronic exchanges law to incorporate electronic wallet, which is the electronic monetary go-between ensures any budgetary development to the customer or the dealer, and that there are explicit guidelines for the trading of the item inside three days, for instance, the money related go-between to hold the sum amid this period Until the item is affirmed by the details.

The purchaser in web based business is viewed as the weakest party, for its need to ensure against item quality extortion, theft, and failure to see the item fundamentally on the ground.

Article 28 and Article 29 of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Law expresses that whoever hoodwinks the customer by the reality, nature, number or sort of items will be rebuffed by detainment for a term not surpassing three years or by a fine not surpassing three thousand Jordanian dinars or the comparable thereof in the legitimately circled cash, a similar punishment will be forced on any individual who makes or sells any merchandise or hardware utilized in misrepresentation or prompts to utilize them by methods for flyers or notices.

Khalid Mamdouh Ibrahim, clarified in his book "Buyer Protection in Electronic Transactions" that if the purchaser does not satisfy his commitment to turn to the utilization of execution in kind to demand the usage of his dedication, in the event that he didn't actualize his responsibility may demand the conveyance of merchandise or administrations of a similar kind Included in the business commercial, the customer is likewise qualified for case the estimation of the thing by pay.

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