Palestinian citizens' views on advanced electronic commerce in Palestine

In a near investigation of "customer assurance in electronic contracting" by Abdullah Dheb Mahmood, he called attention to that "the provider is obliged to illuminate and edify the purchaser with complete data about everything identified with the deal procedure (through the Internet or any electronic methods), so the shopper knows about his request, So that he settles on his choice as he sees fit in light of his need and reason for finishing up the electronic contract .

The investigation brought up that "the obligation of data in electronic contracting isn't constrained to the supplier alone, yet stretches out to the shopper who must illuminate his character, particularly as to qualification, the first in the individual to be qualified, the individual is required to be completely qualified except if the law excludes him Or limit them, each individual to contract except if they deny him of his qualification as insane and daze and the kid isn't unmistakable . "

As per the examination, the draft law of the Palestinian exchange and electronic business in 2003 managed the media preceding the agreement. Article 50 stipulates that "the vender will give the purchaser electronic business exchanges before the finish of the agreement the accompanying data: name, address and phone of the merchant or specialist co-op, The nature, determinations and cost of the item, the costs of conveyance of the item, the measure of its protection and some other costs, the period amid which the item is shown at the predefined costs, the terms of exchange ensures and after-deal administration, strategies and systems of installment, Execution of the agreement, the outcomes of non-execution of the commitments, the likelihood of the inversion of the buy and its length, how to endorse the exchange, the strategies for return or substitution of the item and the arrival of the sum, the costs of utilizing the correspondence procedures when determined on an alternate premise from the present tax, Not restricted to or surpassing the year, and the base contract term, in regard of agreements for the supply of an item or administration over an extensive stretch or occasionally, the data must be given electronically and made accessible to the buyer for thought at all phases of the exchange .

How would I pay bills and exchange assets right now?

As per a similar report, "electronic installment is made to elements outside the bank, through the platinum card or electronic installment cards or Mastercard ."

Measurements demonstrate that the volume of imports expanded amid the most recent three years, and came to in 2018, 428689 common mail, and achieved 73636 enrolled mail (ie conveys a following number from the item to the purchaser), 44 thousand government mail, and 1492 Breda rapidly, what's more, 29,436 bundles were appropriated in productions, volumes, bundles, bundles and outside links .

Executive of the Palestinian Post Office Hussein Sawafta disclosed to Wafa that the most originating from abroad is identified with garments and gadgets, particularly from China, and he says: "In some cases we get a bundle of postal materials that are liable to item harm on the off chance that it influences security or profound quality, Sometimes the item is harmed while it is being transported or there is a sure lack that isn't settled upon, and we return it to the source . "

Sawafta said that the mail is gotten in two sections, either from the Israeli side or the Jordanian side. On the Israeli side, it is gotten from a restricted region, landing by the Israelis with late times of over 15 days because of checking postal materials. Mail and force traditions obligations on it .

He included that if the mail lands from the Jordanian side, we think that its hard to enter it. The Israelis will not enter us to abstain from paying the last costs. This is a correct we get if the mail touches base by Jordanian mail. Yearly by more than one million dollars .

The issue of postage stamps that are imprinted in the State of Bahrain on the guidelines of the President is composed by the State of Palestine, and when it is entered through the Jordan Bridge, the stamps are seized as occurred amid the earlier months. Province of Palestine and the Red Khan .

He included that the traditions obligations are forced by the Israeli side, the Customs Department in the trade office and they have an extraordinary office that checks the postal materials and checks them on the off chance that they have to force a traditions obligation .

The web based business and trade gathering held by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hebron prescribed the administration to alter, compose, digitize and coded houses and establishments to encourage the conveyance of items to the right location, improve purchaser security amid electronic exchanges and quicken the authorization of significant laws and guidelines to direct and advance electronic business.

Consciousness of shopping and web based business:

Native Hamed Marwan portrayed internet business as an exchange of the occasions. He disclosed to WAFA that "it makes the remote item close and approaches a wide scope of items around the globe at sensible costs due to the expansion of business sites and rivalry. In the past we were trusting that a relative will get an item From outside Palestine, and today the conveyance of items to the entryway of the house is simple and helpful.

"Two years back, we were thinking that its hard to get items straightforwardly and we need a great deal of time to get items inside the nation. At present, internet business has developed all the more locally and there are many organizations in the business. Clear the privileges of the purchaser if there should arise an occurrence of non-appropriateness of things with his craving.

Iyad Yussef thinks about that the Internet is an outside showroom for items and administrations for the shopper from inside his home. He just needs the web, PC or mobile phone, and information of the correct purchasing strategies so as not to fall into the device of traps and double dealing from nonexistent destinations.

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