Reveals for the first time: new details about Khashoggi's death

Al-Jazeera has uncovered new insights regarding the portrayal of the assortment of Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi after he entered his department in the Turkish city of Istanbul on the second of October. 

The channel cited an anonymous Turkish security source as subtleties of the death and slashing of Khashoggi's body at the Saudi office, as indicated by a criminal examination. 

In the subtleties, the channel stated, as indicated by its source, that the chronicles demonstrate that Khashoggi was assaulted by a few people subsequent to going into the Saudi diplomat's room. 

The Saudi specialist, Salah al-Tabaiqi, started cutting Khashoggi's body following his evacuation. The specialist took 15 minutes during the time spent cutting the group of Khashoggi, and his collaborators were wrapping the body parts in the wake of cutting them legitimately, the channel included. 

She clarified that al-Tabiki was quicker than his aides in managing the assortment of Khashoggi, taking note of that the criminal examination achieved where Khashoggi was executed inside the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul precisely, and recognized the area of the executioners and the unfortunate casualty in the room where the slaughtering occurred 

The paper stated, as per the source, that the group tuned in to the accounts before the assessment of the Saudi office and reproduced inside it, and uncovered that the criminal examination reasoned that the room where he was murdered Khashoggi was outfitted with gear in advance to manage him.

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